Wellness dance therapy

wellness dance therapyWhy we do start to dance? it’s so natural to interpret music. To show your own vision of the song. Can a dance be our meditation? The dynamic one,of course. You can easily touch the soul of your partner and all people around… It’s a big cure therapy for our mind. One of the keys to reach wellness harmony and balance. 

Dance became a big part of life for the most of true dancers. It’s like an air. Without dance you can’t breathe. If once you have decided to did it. But this is too hard to explain to those who don’t dance.

This is a feeling inside of a beautiful world of peace and harmony.

Dancing always changes a person. Absolutly. Starting a big work with self-assessment. No matter who you were before. Even if you was very shy, modest, boring. But the more you dance, the better you become.

Beauty and perfection of your dancing body moves create together wonderful changes in our life: style, every day mood,behaviour,goals. All aspects of our being.

Several minutes of feeling as a star on the scene have a great influence on your personality. After 2-3 years of dance therapy nobody will be able to recognize you.

Dancers are athletes of God

Albert Einstein

Why dancing became a therapy:

  • explosion and splash of emotions
  • physical activity
  • hugs
  • smiles

Dancing really clears your mind and soul. It’s hard to explain and describe feeling with a simple words. It’s better to taste it.

After you catch the flow you can’t repeat it once again. It’s much more than only an improvisation. It’s bigger than life. But once you feel it you can’t forget it anymore…

A way to show the world who exactly you are. Without any limits. To be honest with yourself. To be proud of yourself.

You never know who you will become in the end.

So, keep going.

Don’t stop.

Dance more.

If you feel the rhythm in our heart…

Author Anna Pavlovych

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